VPN Tunnel Visio Diagram – Template

I do the same thing with VPN tunnels as I do with VLAN diagrams. Managers, developers, sys. admins always ask about port configurations, destinations, contact information, etc. It's a nice guide general enough to understand but detailed enough to understand as a non-techie. If you want a VLAN diagram to supplement this, I have a … Continue reading VPN Tunnel Visio Diagram – Template


Looking for Cisco Visio Stencils?

It used to be very hard for me to find these links online so I wanted to post them so you (and myself...) have a simple place to always find them. I use these for most of my generic diagrams. Logical and layout diagrams. All-purpose Cisco Visio Stencils These are good for physical layouts. You … Continue reading Looking for Cisco Visio Stencils?