ASA Local Authentication Using Active Directory

I had a heck of a time figuring out how to set this up. Cisco's documentation related to LDAP authentication is all over the place and there isn't one article that describes just this. If you want to use Microsoft Active Directory to authenticate users locally logging in to the ASA and give them privileged … Continue reading ASA Local Authentication Using Active Directory


Debugging ARP on Cisco ASA

The packet capture wizard in ASDM is a great feature of the ASA platform. It allows a network administrator to easily debug an issue and export the capture right to Wireshark from the wizard. However, as you use this you may notice something. Where are the arp packets? Any time Wireshark is ran from a … Continue reading Debugging ARP on Cisco ASA

Load balance based on CPU Load – (Windows 2008 Hosts)

Some load-balanced applications create considerable load independent to number of connections. For example reporting a server may become overloaded if users submit a report that requires a lot of historical data to generate. If there are three servers in a farm and they each have 10 connections, one server could have people running intensive reporting, … Continue reading Load balance based on CPU Load – (Windows 2008 Hosts)