Poodle Vulnerability: Who’s Using SSLv3?


There are a ton of different articles on devcentral about certain iRules for changing the encryption that users are using, dropping them, etc. I found it difficult to find any code specific to just logging who is using SSLv3 so I can track them down and try to contact the customer. Managers found the reports that I generated useful to make a business decision instead of simply shutting of SSLv3 on the F5.

All this rule does is define a high-speed-logging server and send a messageĀ to the logging server so you can run reports against the logs. It logs source IP and URI (virtual-directory) from the request. Apply this to whichever virtual-server you need to log these requests from.

   set logpub [HSL::open -publisher /Common/HSL-SERVER]
   set cipher [SSL::cipher version]
   set uri [HTTP::uri]
   if { $cipher equals "SSLv3" } {
      HSL::send $logpub "$cipher encryption used from client; [IP::client_addr] to $uri"
Poodle Vulnerability: Who’s Using SSLv3?

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