Powershell: Find stale Users

old user

Having old, unused user accounts sitting in your domain can send red-flags flying by auditors. It’s easy to create an account and think it will be used for the foreseeable future, but often times this is not the case.

This script queries your domain for user accounts that have not logged in in the past 6 months. It creates an HTML report and emails you the results. The email can be reviewed and action can be taken based on your discretion. I have added an option for you to un-comment which will automatically disable accounts that fit this criteria. Powershell v3 with the new Active Directory module is required for this to work.

<# Workflow

Query AD for users who have not

logged in in over 6 months.



#Import AD module

Import-Module ActiveDirectory


# 6 months ago

$6months = Get-date

$6months = $6months.adddays(-180)


$Format = @{Expression={$_.SamAccountName};Label=“User Login Name”},`

@{Expression={$_.name};Label=“Account Name”},`


@{Expression={$_.passwordneverexpires};Label=“Password Never Expires”},`

@{Expression={$_.lastlogondate};Label=“Last Logon”},`



#Filter for users who havent logged in for 6 months as the basis of the filter. Add some additional properties.

Get-ADUser -filter { (lastlogondate -le $6months) } -properties * | Sort-Object lastlogondate | ConvertTo-Html $Format -Title “AD User Report” > .\Documents\Users.htm


#Send the email

Send-MailMessage -to you@domain.com -Subject “AD Account Report” SmtpServer -From server@domain.com -Attachments .\Documents\Users.htm


#Un-comment this line to automatically disable the accounts rather than send a report 

#Get-ADUser -filter { (lastlogondate -le $6months) -and (enabled –eq “true”) } | Set-Aduser -enabled $false



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