URL Rewrite for SSL Termination

Lets say you are planning on doing SSL termination on your ACE load balancer. This involves the SSL transactions being handled by the front-end of the ACE instead of your server. This speeds things up considerably for the backend servers, offloading SSL processing to the ACE.

In most cases your applications will have at least a few redirects written in them. If your backend server is using cleartext (http) only, the redirects will begin with http:// thus directing your users to a port that isn’t listening externally. The ACE can look for these redirects and rewrite them to include the https://

Here’s how:

action-list type modify http REWRITE
   ssl url rewrite location "website\.domain\.com"

This will take any redirects sent from your server on http://website.domain.com and change them to https://website.domain.com.

Once you have your rewrite command written, all you have to do is assign it to a class-map.

class MyClass
   serverfarm MyServerfarm
   action REWRITE
URL Rewrite for SSL Termination

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